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West Volusia is in the business of winning! 

From Wheel of Fortune to The Price Is Right, residents continue to bring good fortune to our community.

Starr Woods, a 15-year Orange City resident, recently was a contestant on The Price Is Right

Woods is a freelance photographer who previously taught art and photography for the Museum of Art – DeLand. 

Preparing to celebrate 22 years of marriage, she and her husband planned a year in advance to take a road trip to California, with hope of becoming contestants on the popular game show.

“Richard Woods, my husband, and I decided last fall to begin living our dreams, to do more of what makes us happy, and to start to live free. This trip west to California was us living our dreams, and requesting tickets to The Price Is Right with the hopes of an opportunity to be a contestant was a fun adventure that we wanted to experience together,” she said.

Before the trip, they prepared by watching many episodes of the game show to learn how the games are played. They expressed their excitement by creating T-shirts that showcased their enthusiasm with this slogan: “When you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true! If the price is right!”

“It felt like a joyfully suspenseful adventurous dream,” said Starr Woods, who enjoyed being interviewed by the producer before the show was taped.

The theme of the day seemed to be enthusiasm from start to finish. The dynamic Orange City couple even shared their dance moves when entering the studio.

“We enjoyed dancing with many of the audience members who danced from their seats, hoping that maybe one of our energetic moves might bring us one dance step closer to spinning that wheel,” Starr Woods said.

She ended her day with fabulous earnings, such as a pingpong table, a curved-screen LED television and a brand-new refrigerator. 

“These are incredible anniversary presents! The prizes are like treasures that you didn’t even know you could wish for,” Starr Woods said.

The high-energy time spent on The Price Is Right will not be forgotten by Starr Woods, whose dream really did come true.

— Dr. Primrose Cameron, a longtime educator, lives in Orange City. Send email to cameronchronicleslive@gmail.com


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