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The qualifying period for candidates seeking nonjudicial local and state elected offices ended at noon Friday. Here are the candidates in West Volusia who have made the cut.

In races with only one candidate listed, that candidate is unopposed and will be deemed automatically elected. Incumbents are designated by “(inc.).”


DeLand – Mayor/Seat 1

Robert “Bob” Apgar (inc.)

DeLand – Seat 3

Jessica Davis (inc.)

DeLand – Seat 5

Markesha James

Phil Martin

Kevin Reid

Deltona – Mayor

Santiago Avila Jr.

Heidi Herzberg

Troy Shimkus

Deltona – District 1

Becky Gibson

Loren King

Michael Putowski

Willie Stephens

Deltona – District 3

Lester Carrero

Karin Tewksbury

Maritza Vazquez

Deltona – District 4

Robert McFall (inc.)

Ruben Munoz

Kurt Sniffin

Deltona – District 5

Victor Ramos (inc.)

Lake Helen – Zone 2

Vernon Burton (inc.)

Lake Helen – Zone 4

James Connell III (inc.)

Orange City – At-Large

Orey “Bill” Crippen (inc.)

Gaea Nunez

Orange City – District 4

Kellianne Marks

Anthony Pupello (inc.)

Orange City – District 5

Martin Harper

Evelyn Robinson (inc.)

DeBary – Seat 4

Phyllis Butlien

Eugene Kowalski

William Sell

DeBary – Seat 3

Bret Douglas

Howard Gates

Patricia Stevenson

DeBary – Seat 5/Mayor

Karen Chasez

Louis Sweet

Pierson – Mayor

James Sowell (inc.)

Pierson – Seat 1

Lambert James Anderson

Pierson – Seat 2

Thomas Larrivee (inc.)

Pierson – Seat 3

Robert Greenlund (inc.)


County Council – At-Large

John Casaburro (write-in)

Dr. L. Ronald Durham

Ben Johnson

County Council – District 1

Jeffrey Brower

Barbara Girtman

Eddie Molina

Pat Patterson

County Council – District 5

Eric Allen (write-in)

Dan Hunt

Fred Lowry

School Board – District 1

Al Bouie

Jamie Haynes

Leslie LaRue

School Board – District 5

Ruben Colon

Melody Johnson (inc.)

Robert Mann

Soil & Water Conservation District – Seat 1

William Bliss

Derrick Orberg (inc.)

Soil & Water Conservation District – Seat 3

Beth James (inc.)

Wesley Wayne Wilson Jr.

Christine Wilt

Soil & Water Conservation District – Seat 5

John Barfield

Andy Kelly

David Schaefer

West Volusia Hospital Authority – Group A, Seat 1

Dr. John Hill

Raymond Long

Voloria Manning

West Volusia Hospital Authority – Group B, Seat 1

Webster Barnaby

Dolores Guzman (inc.)

West Volusia Hospital Authority – Group B, Seat 2

Michael Ray

Kathie Shepard (inc.)

Brian Soukup


Florida State Senate – District 14 (Most of DeLand, Lake Helen, Deltona)

Dorothy Hukill (REP) (inc.)

Melissa “Mel” Martin (DEM)

Florida State House – District 24 (DeLeon Springs, Barberville, Pierson, Seville)

Adam Morley (DEM)

Paul Renner (REP) (inc.)

Florida State House – District 26 (DeLand, parts of Orange City and Lake Helen)

Michael Cantu (REP)

Elizabeth Fetterhoff (REP)

Patrick Henry (DEM) (inc.)

Percy Williamson (DEM)

Florida State House – District 27 (Parts of Orange City and Lake Helen, Deltona, DeBary)

Neil Henrichsen (DEM)

Carol Lawrence (DEM)

David Santiago (REP) (inc.)


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