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When Volusia County’s public schools opened their doors Aug. 13, a total of 46,022 children came for their first day of class and the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

That number is not the full enrollment in grades K-12, as seven of the county’s 10 high schools only required ninth-graders to attend on the first day of classes. 

The sophomores, juniors and seniors returned Aug. 14 to DeLand, Deltona, Pine Ridge, University, New Smyrna Beach, Spruce Creek and Taylor high schools, according to School District spokesman Robert Edgcomb.

Approximately one-third of the kindergarten pupils were in class on the first day, with staggered enrollment of the kindergartners to follow. 

All K-12 students are supposed to be in class on and after Aug. 17, but past experience shows some will not be at school until next week, with the Day 20 count being the one that will likely state the true enrollment.

The School District ended the 2017-18 academic year with a total enrollment of 62,877.

­— Al Everson


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