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Hair is often a topic among friends and even strangers alike. “Too frizzy,” “too short,” “too thick” and “too straight” are just some of the concerns expressed when describing one’s hair. Kimeca Caine, a local hairstylist, licensed cosmetologist, business owner and graphic designer, wants to change the conversation to embracing one’s hair.

For more than 15 years, Caine has cared for the hair of others as a stylist and has been active in promoting the importance of healthy hair.

“A big concern for me is hair and skin health. Our skin being our largest organ; we sometimes forget how much it gets attacked by the elements,” said Caine. “In particular, combating hair loss (alopecia) and skin disorders is a growing passion of mine. Using natural products and being aware of what we apply to our skin subsequently entering our bodies are worth looking into in depth.”

Over the past year, Caine has spent endless hours researching oils and the positive effects they have on hair care. It is these known facts that she can share with her clients and potential clients. It is also one of the reasons that she decided to form a festival celebrating hair for our community.

Feb. 3 marks the first annual Curly Girls Hair Festival presented by Caine and Kinks, Coils and Waves. It will be 2-6 p.m. at the Chisholm Community Center, 520 S. Clara Ave. in DeLand. The cost for entry is $10. The theme is: “Celebrate your curls and embrace your natural hair.”

Caine wants to encourage women to be authentic and proud of their varying hair textures. This curl fest will be used as a platform to educate women- and girls-with-curls about products and techniques that are useful for curl maintenance.

This fest is a must for anyone, whether she has hair or not.

“I hope to accomplish women supporting positive self-talk and further discuss how we see our hair, that is sometimes referred to as unruly, unkempt, wild, and replace it with more positive words,” said Caine. “I’d love to see small businesses come out and network with the community, as well.”

If you are interested in getting involved as a vendor, sponsor or participant, please contact Kimeca Caine at 386-490-2748 or at kinkscoils.waves@gmail.com.

“We can choose to see the beauty in the unknown,” shared Caine.


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