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{{tncms-inline alignment=”right” content=”&lt;p&gt;Address: 2250 N. Volusia Ave., Orange City&lt;br /&gt;Phone: 386-218-5879&lt;br /&gt;For booking information &lt;br /&gt;and prices: &lt;br /&gt;www.thepalacerecording.com&lt;br /&gt;Facebook: &lt;br /&gt;The Palace Recording Studio&lt;br /&gt;Facebook Live Show: &lt;br /&gt;Live at The Palace&lt;/p&gt;” id=”3d62bb8d-1f19-405f-9f99-4e59bf89565f” style-type=”info” title=”The Palace Recording Studio” type=”relcontent” width=”half”}}

“Everything we ever did in our lives brought us together,” said Jermaine Hughley, co-owner of The Palace Recording Studio at 2250 N. Volusia Ave. in Orange City.

Hughley, known by his artist name Maintain, is talking about the universal synchronicities that brought together a group of gentlemen who made the dream of a top recording studio come true.

In July 2017, Brinson Swann was working in commercial real estate when he noticed that North Avenue Studios was available for lease.

An idea popped into Swann’s brain. He and Ke’Shawn James were running separate production studios out of their homes.

After a meeting at Boston Coffeehouse in Downtown DeLand, a plan for collaboration was set. The Palace Recording Studio became official in September 2017.  

The five owners — CEO Swann, Hughley, James, Myles Lindon and Victor Ortiz — have all been involved in music for most of their lives, and each brings an important puzzle piece to the making of The Palace Recording Studio. The mixture of artists, producers, disc jockeys and marketers created a perfect musical storm.

The first Palace Recording Studio actually operated in a storage unit off State Road 15A in DeLand, before purchase of the new location. Over the years, the studio has grown enough to earn a Google ranking of No. 1 in Florida, based on its five-star rating, and a large number of positive reviews.

The fully renovated music studio is tucked away on a private parcel just off busy U.S. Highway 17-92.

Visitors enter a comfortable lobby equipped with a flat-screen television, luxurious couches, and recently produced records hanging on the wall. Here you might find artists waiting for their studio time, or conversing about music.  

When you enter the studio, you’ll see a small kitchen to the right. Producing music can be an all-day event, and the need to eat is inevitable.

A wall and long hallway are lined with instruments available for use, including bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, a banjo and even a ukulele.

  The Palace Recording Studio has almost every piece of equipment needed to produce music, and caters to every genre, with versatile and talented producers and artists for hire.

Specialties include recording and editing, mixing and mastering, and production and composition.

  They offer two studios, A and B. Studio A is the control room, outfitted with top-of-the-industry software, and connected to the room next door via a window.

  Studio B is a mixing and creative studio, where those who have created music can bring in tracks and use the studio’s equipment to edit them.

Another facet of The Palace Recording Studio is its live Facebook show, known as Live at The Palace.

The show was started by Jermaine Hughley and co-host Myles Lindon. The first edition was called Dope or Nope. Artists would send their tracks to the studio during the live show to get played, while listeners graded the music. Their first page got shut down due to people upset with their success, they said.

Overcoming adversity like champions, Hughley and Lindon started a new page, which, this year, reached more than 6.5 million people, with 1.3 million views, and 10 million impressions on social media.  

Based on their entrepreneurial social media use, The Palace Recording Studio was recognized at the MGM in Las Vegas for creativity.

“We strive to be known as a Central Florida legacy in the music industry,” Brinson Swann said.

Live at The Palace normally airs on Facebook at 9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, but check the page for upcoming events and times.

Whether you are a hip-hop artist, or prefer country, rock or any other musical genre, The Palace Recording Studio offers the talent, creativity and space to make your music come to life.

“Music is a canvas you paint to your liking. There is no right or wrong; it’s a way of life,” Ke’Shawn James said.

If there is one lesson to take away from these gentlemen, it’s never give up, be yourself, and love what you do.



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