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After 11 years, Stetson University President Dr. Wendy B. Libby is set to retire in June 2020. She announced the decision to the university’s board of trustees Feb. 15.

Libby was the first female president in Stetson’s 136-year history. During her tenure, the university hit new highs in undergraduate enrollment, doubled its endowment, built several new buildings, massively renovated the historic Carlton Union Building, and revived the university’s once-defunct football team.

But now, she said, it’s time for her to pull back.

“There was really no precipitating event,” Libby said. “It’s really just time for my husband and I to have more time together, and more time to spend with our family.”

She has no plans to leave DeLand, she said.

“We love this university, and we love this community,” Libby said. “We came, and we’re going to stay.”

Libby will continue as an adviser for a year after her June 2020 end date. Meanwhile, the university and the board are preparing to search for Stetson’s 10th president.


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