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At the urging of Mayor Gary Blair, the Orange City Council will establish a Youth Advisory Council.

Without opposition, the City Council Feb. 12 voted to set up the council, whose members will be appointed by the City Council to consider the problems and challenges of adolescents.

“This is for high-school students, not Cub Scouts,” Mayor Gary Blair said.

Blair said he got the idea at a Florida League of Cities event.

The Youth Advisory Council will offer comments and recommendations to the City Council, either on topics of its own interest or at the City Council’s request.

Members must live in or adjacent to Orange City.

At least four of the appointees must live inside the city limits, while as many as three others may live outside the city but must have an Orange City mailing address.

The YAC will be subject to Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law, which requires its meetings and records to be open to the public, and also prohibits members from discussing official business outside of its meetings.

The YAC is to meet quarterly.

City Clerk Gloria Thomas said University High School in Orange City will collect applications from interested students.

She said members could be selected by the City Council as soon as March.

The YAC will sunset, or be dissolved, in December 2022, unless the City Council votes to renew it.


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