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AdventHealth Fish Memorial in Orange City is the first facility in Florida to use TrackX Technology for spine procedures.

An advanced image-guidance system, TrackX is the only technology that eliminates the guesswork associated with conventional robotic and navigation systems, making spine surgery at AdventHealth Fish Memorial faster and more accurate.

“With other systems on the market, we are relying on old information taken before the operation even starts. We know that the spine shifts during surgery, and really, that’s the point, to shift the spine into better alignment,” said Dr. Stephane Lavoie, orthopedic surgeon and expert at minimally invasive spine surgery at AdventHealth Fish Memorial. “Shockingly, TrackX is the only navigation system on the market that allows me to adapt as bones move during the course of an operation.”

When compared to traditional imaging, the TrackX Technology improves instrument placement accuracy in the operating room while reducing time, radiation and the number of X-rays necessary.

Similar to GPS systems in cars, navigation systems help guide surgeons as they perform delicate and intricate procedures near a person’s spine. These computer systems require the surgeon to reference images taken before the operation begins to guide them as surgery progresses. TrackX is unique in that it is the only system that continually updates using real-time information taken during the procedure.

Studies show that being exposed to just three minutes of radiation increases a person’s lifetime risk of cancer by more than 1 percent. Given this widespread concern, every major medical society has committed to limiting the amount of radiation that people are exposed to during X-ray-guided medical procedures. During the past decade, this concern has expanded to include the operating room.

“Without a navigation system, everyone in the operating room, including my patients, are exposed to potentially significant amounts of radiation. Navigation systems can lower the amount of radiation that I receive, but unfortunately my patients continue to get really upsetting doses of radiation,” Lavoie said. “As a surgeon, I am constantly striving to improve my practice and provide better care for my patients. The TrackX Technology has been shown to dramatically lower everyone’s radiation, including the patient, and in addition, gives me the increased accuracy and reliability that my patients deserve.”


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