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Cindy Sperling has owned Nest — a shop of eclectic gifts and repurposed furniture at 104 S. Artisan Alley — for more than six years.

But now, Sperling is ready to retire and looking for a buyer of the shop.

“There are lots of things I want to do, and have for a while,” she told The Beacon recently. “I’m looking for a change.

Nest was opened in May 2010 by Teri and Rob Peaden, Sperling said. She took over the business in February 2013.

Nest carries a wide array of gifts, from socks to dish towels to drink coasters to pottery and glassware and much, much more.

“I always wanted to have something for everyone with a sense of humor,” Sperling said. “It’s a good variety. I hope people think of Nest when they’re looking for gifts.”

There is also furniture that Sperling has rescued and refinished — one of several activities she hopes to do more of in retirement, along with gardening and having more free time.

In recent years, Sperling also has managed the Artisan Alley Growers and Makers Market, at which every Friday evening more than 60 vendors offer produce from local and organic farms, as well as exotic foods, preserves, baked goods, and art of all kinds.

The Farmers Market is an entity separate from Nest and would not be part of the sale, but the buyer could take on the management responsibilities if he or she wanted to and worked out an arrangement with Barb Shepherd, president of Conrad Realty and editor of The Beacon, Sperling said.

Sperling also has managed many of the special events in the Artisan Alley garage and courtyard, but that, too, is separate from Nest and would be negotiated separately with Shepherd.

“Much of the development of Artisan Alley has been due to Nest, both with the original owners and under Cindy’s ownership,” Shepherd said. “It was under Nest that the Farmers Market got started.”

Nest has a state license to sell beer and wine in Artisan Alley, and that license would be part of the purchase, Sperling said. Whoever buys Nest could continue to be a vendor for events held in the courtyard and garage. (Some events provide their own libations or get them from other sources.)

Sperling is a lifelong resident of DeLand, except for the few years she went away to college. Now in her 60s, she’s ready to take things a lot easier. She wouldn’t say what she’s asking for the business, hoping to limit inquiries to serious possible buyers.

Anyone interested can contact her at 386-490-6989 or cindy.lovemynest@gmail.com.


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