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Following the mysterious wind-powered destruction of several homes belonging to three brothers, Pig No. 1 (played by Tyler Mattocks), Pig No. 2 (Parker Hixson) and Pig No. 3 (Bethany Wolek), Fairy Tale Crime Unit detectives H.D. (Levi Nunyme) and Cindy (Etzell Medrano) are put on the case to figure out just what went down and put the culprit behind bars.

Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit puts a gritty crime-show twist on all your favorite classic fairy-tale characters whom H.D. and Cindy must interview in order to get to the bottom of this case.

Shoestring Theatre’s production of this play by Jonathan Rand opens at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 12, and runs through Sunday, July 21.

First, you meet fitness freaks Jack (Mark Leavitt) and Jill (Macy Lane), who can’t seem to stay still long enough to give the detectives a straight answer.

Then, of course, appear the sugar-obsessed siblings Hansel (Virgil Gorgan) and Gretel (Jolee Villalobos), and Pinocchio (Jackson Jones), who seems to have changed from “real boy” to human lie detector.

The Seven Dwarfs form an unlikely basketball team composed of Doc (also Bethany Wolek), Happy (Miles Villalobos), Sleepy (Dean Wilkes), Sneezy (Giovanni Frasca), Grumpy (Parker Hixson) and Bashful (Joaquin Frasca). Finally, Dopey (Zach Wilson) arrives to complete the team.

Of course, H.D. and Cindy aren’t the only ones working on solving the complex case. Crime-scene investigators Zelle and Ugly D (both played by Bella Pupello), the Captain (Tyler Mattocks), and Officer Gold (also Joaquin Frasca) examine crime scenes and detain suspects to help find evidence needed to put the criminals behind bars. Or so they think!

As all the signs point to B.B. Wolf (Eli Gunter) as the guilty party, the defense attorney Peep (Penny Wolek) seems unsure and determines to prove Wolf’s innocence.

Just as determined to prove his guilt are prosecution attorneys Stiltskin (also Virgil Gorgan) and Merm (also Jackson Jones).

It all comes down to the trial, when a dramatic break in the case will turn everything you think you know about this story on its head!

This comedic spoof on typical crime shows like Law & Order: SVU or CSI will surely provide laughs and fun for the whole family. Directed by DeLand High School students Olivia Honan and Shiloh Villalobos and ably managed by Teresa Norton as stage manager, this over-the-top crime drama satirizes both crime dramas and favorite fairy-tale characters. Using truly terrible puns, the show creates a hilarious and ridiculous evening for the whole family.

Join us at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 12, Saturday, July 13, Friday, July 19, and Saturday, July 20, and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, July 14, and Sunday, July 21, for a show filled with puns, drama and, of course, justice!

Shoestring Theatre is at 380 S. Goodwin St. in Lake Helen.

Tickets cost $10 for adults and senior citizens, and $5 for students and children.

For reservations, call 386-228-3777 or visit www.shoestringtheatre.net.


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