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Just months after opening her own storefront, Jessie Ritz needed more space for her business, Sidecar Home Market.

About the same time, Cam Amici and Solomon Greene wanted to downsize their own business a few doors away, the South of New York Market Trading Co.

So the three got together and eventually worked out a deal: Ritz would lease the building in which SoNY Market was located and move her business into it, while continuing to rent booths to a pair of select vendors.

Sidecar Home Market has been growing quickly since it was formed about four years ago and was originally named Ritzy Refurbished.

“It’s actually funny how it worked out,” Ritz told The Beacon.

Sidecar started as a home business, an outgrowth of refinishing her own furniture, Ritz said. She found she enjoyed doing that, so she began restoring, refinishing and selling more furniture, first at the Indie Market about four times a year in DeLand, and then from a rental booth at SoNY Market.

Last October, she got her own storefront at 106 S. Woodland Blvd. and renamed the business Sidecar Home Market. Now, Ritz and her husband, Derek Ridgway, will run the business from 100 S. Woodland Blvd. The business also got a slight modification to its name: Sidecar Bar and Home Market.

SoNY Market, which opened in November 2015, was set up so that several vendors could rent space within its confines, each able to display his or her eclectic mix of “cool and different” vintage and new wares with an artistic flavor. Sidecar will continue carrying similar merchandise and occupy most of the floor space, except for the two vendors continuing to have their own booths.

Amici, who once owned Dressed Boutique in the same block before selling it last year, will sell mostly vintage jewelry and clothing, and small pieces of furniture.

And Erica Group, owner of Two.Collect and the artist behind the wings painted mural-style in six locations around West Volusia (including Persimmon Alley behind the 100 block of South Woodland Boulevard), will sell wings-related artwork and clothing, among other things.

Other vendors who had rented booths when SoNY Market opened had already moved out — including Ritz, herself, last fall.

“I didn’t kick anyone out,” Ritz said.

Also remaining will be the original drugstore counter that was an integral furnishing for the original occupant of the building, a pharmacist. It will continue to serve as a bar at which coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine will be sold, Ritz said.

“My husband recently quit [his electrician’s job] so he could help me,” she said. “He always wanted to run a bar, so this worked out for him.”

Sidecar Bar and Home Market is scheduled for opening Friday, July 12. The store hours will be noon-8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday (closing later on Friday and Saturday), and noon-5 p.m. Sunday. Call 386-279-0469 for more information.


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