A $71,625 repair of the Historic Volusia County Courthouse clock — silent for two years — by the Cincinnati-based firm The Verdin Co. is nearing completion.

The repairs, which included replacing parts of the four clock faces and all eight of the clock hands, are finished, and the time is finally synchronized. The project also entailed digitizing the gearbox and clappers that strike the original bells and chimes.

But adjustments to the sound and volume, which to some Downtown denizens sound as yet not-quite-right, are on the “punch list” of remaining items for Verdin workers, according to county officials.

Also included on the list is repairing a hole created in the courthouse’s stained-glass dome under the exterior bronze dome that was broken when a Verdin worker dropped a tool.

“Thank God no one got hurt,” Volusia County Facilities Management Director George Baker said.

The cost of the dome repair will be deducted from the $71,625, once a vendor determines the cost of repairs, and workers figure out how they’ll actually reach the stained-glass dome.

“You can’t use a lift, or a ladder,” Baker said. “I think they’ll have to attach a rope to the bell and rappel down. I think — I don’t know for sure.”

Next week, Verdin workers will be back to adjust the volume and the lighting, and help program the electronic system driving the clock.


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