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More than 60 people recently learned about minimally invasive treatment options for neck and back pain, as well as the benefits of AdventHealth Fish Memorial’s new TrackX technology.

A free community luncheon at DeBary Golf & Country Club was led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephane Lavoie.

Using an advanced image-guidance system, AdventHealth Fish Memorial is the first in Florida to offer patients the TrackX technology for spine procedures. This technology has the most advanced surgical navigation available, making spine surgery faster and more accurate.

“Minimally invasive surgery provides a wealth of benefits but relies on many X-rays throughout a procedure to see the underlying anatomy,” Lavoie said. “With every X-ray taken, the radiation exposure increases for the patient and all of the staff in the operating room. Extended radiation exposure is potentially harmful.”

Studies show that being exposed to just three minutes of radiation increases a person’s lifetime risk of cancer by more than 1 percent. With this concern in mind, every major medical society has committed to limit the amount of radiation that people are exposed to during X-ray-guided medical procedures.

TrackX is an instrument tracking software that allows surgeons like Lavoie to take minimal X-rays while accurately “visualizing” the anatomy in real time during a surgery.

“A clinical study demonstrated the vast difference TrackX can make,” Lavoie said. “Comparing TrackX to conventional minimally invasive procedures showed that TrackX procedures took nearly 75 percent less X-rays and had 90 percent less radiation overall. In addition, the amount of time in the operating room was more than 30 percent shorter with TrackX. Performing spine procedures with less radiation and in a shorter amount of time can truly have a great impact on improving patient care.”

For more information, visit AHOrthoEastFL.com or call 386-516-4883.


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