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If you start seeing Orange City police officers sporting full beards or goatees during the month of November…don’t be alarmed, we have waived the traditional strict rules on shaving and grooming of facial hair for the month to help “grow” cancer awareness.

The idea started in 2009 and stemmed from the fact that many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment. The goal of not shaving is to raise awareness for cancer patients who don’t always get to grow their hair and to ultimately aid those fighting the battle. Hence, the Orange City Police department is participating in the National “No Shave November” campaign to help promote cancer awareness.

In order to participate, male officers have made a minimum $50 donation to let their facial hair grow for the month. The ladies of the OCPD will be permitted to paint their fingernails with any color polish they choose for the month, also for a donation, to promote cancer awareness. All donations collected will be provided to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The beards and bright nail polish is meant to evoke conversation from the public with Orange City Officers and to ultimately raise awareness for those undergoing cancer treatment.

Anyone interested in donating to a cancer charity can locate information at “no-shave.org”.

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Wayne M. Miller, Deputy Police Chief of the Orange City Police Department


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