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In Lake Helen, incumbent Mayor Daisy Raisler defeated challenger Vernon Burton by 256 votes, or about 37.8 percent of the total votes cast in that race. Raisler received 467 votes to Burton’s 211.

The result opens up Burton’s Zone 2 seat, which the City Commission will have to fill.

Burton, who served as vice mayor and Zone 2 city commissioner, had served on the Lake Helen commission for 11 years.

In the race for the Zone 1 seat, newcomer Kelly Frasca, previously the city’s event coordinator, beat out incumbent Tom Wilson by 38 votes, 5.6 percent of the total votes cast in that race. Frasca received 353 votes to Wilson’s 315.

A total of 682 Lake Helen voters turned out for the race, 20 more than the previous off-year election in 2017.

A ballot referendum to expend funds from a 1982 sale of Lake Helen’s electrical system in the case of a state of emergency was approved by voters, 324 to 201, or 61 percent to 38 percent.


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