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Books are often used to engage people in a variety of ways. It is a pleasure to introduce Florida native and West Volusia resident Sheri Shields. She is the author of the recently published book Venin Abyss.

Venin Abyss originated on YouTube as a Machinima series that Shields produced for four years. During this time, Shields wrote the scripts and casted volunteer voice actors. What started as a hobby formed a worldwide fan base.

Shields said Venin Abyss is “an action-packed paranormal thriller filled with suspense and emotion. There is something for every reader with elements of romance, war, mystery and mild horror.”

In the novel, Adrien Reed, a 22-year-old man, is suddenly thrown down a supernaturally dark path as a tragic accident forever alters his life.

Venin Abyss was published as a novel in September 2019. Within the first week, books were sold and shipped to nearly 10 countries worldwide due to the existing fan base.

Paranormal fiction is Shields’ current genre of choice; however, she has always been an avid writer, and was always interested in how the world works.

“Seeing people around the world build, and just what the human mind can come up with really blows my mind and inspires me to push the envelope myself. Stories that incite deep emotions excite me, and I hope to do the same,” she said.

Shields recently attended the FRESH Book Festival in Daytona Beach, hosted by Donna M. Gray-Banks, president of IIa’s Diamonds LLC and the founder of the festival, which has reached its ninth year.

FRESH stands for fiction, romance, erotica, spiritual and health or history.

The FRESH Book Festival is a celebration of literacy. Its purpose is to give self-published authors an opportunity to share their literary work with others. It encourages people to make “Literacy a Legacy” for themselves and their families.

“Reading is a fundamental part of everyday life. Those who do not read well are left behind on so many levels and view things from a different lens,” Gray-Banks said.

The FRESH Book Festival is open to all genres. Registration for the 2021 festival will begin in July or August. Contact freshbookfestivals@gmail.com.

— Cameron, of Orange City, is a motivational speaker, facilitator, empowerment coach and longtime educator. Send email to cameronchronicleslive@gmail.com.


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