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RETIRED WARBIRD — The F-15 Eagle aircraft stands tall at Memorial Park in DeBary” width=”696″ height=”522″ />

RETIRED WARBIRD — The F-15 Eagle aircraft stands tall at Memorial Park in DeBary

The City of DeBary will be engaging a geotechnical firm to assess a small depression near the historic F-15 Eagle aircraft in Memorial Park.

The depression, which is not a sinkhole, has been an ongoing issue over the past 12 years, and previous analysis has shown that buried organic material surrounds the site.

“At this point, we believe that deteriorating organic material is the likely cause of the depression,” City Manager Carmen Rosamonda said in a news release. “The assessment will provide a more definitive analysis and allow us to make an informed decision as to how to correctly repair it.”

Studies done in 2009 and 2011 determined that organic material, including tree trunks, was located under the site. As organic material disintegrates, sand may fill in the spaces, which is not as stable.

“The study will give us the ability to be proactive and prevent further disruption at this popular asset in our community,” stated Rosamonda.

The DeBary City Council approved the contract at its meeting on Feb. 5. Work is expected to begin within 60 to 90 days after the contract is signed.

For more information, contact Shari Simmans, public information officer, at ssimmans@debary.org or 352-901-4141.


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