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A store carrying all the provisions a creative culinary aficionado might want or need is on the market.

Blake Elliot Henschel has decided to sell Scullery Kitchen Provisions, one of his two businesses in Artisan Alley in Downtown DeLand. (The other is his eponymous shop, Blake Elliot Salon and Gallery.)

“I opened Scullery to help my mom transition out of teaching after 30 years,” Henschel told The Beacon recently. “Now she’s ready to retire, and I want to spend more time with my artwork that I create on my own time.”

Henschel said he has always liked kitchen stores, and for a long time wanted to have one of his own.

“I’ve always wanted to have a retail space, and always loved Downtown DeLand and especially Artisan Alley,” he said. “This was the perfect spot, right across from my salon.”

Henschel opened Scullery KP in that spot — 101 Artisan Alley — in October 2017.

A scullery is a room off a kitchen used for food preparation and the storage of dishes, platters and utensils. Scullery Kitchen Provisions carries all that, and more.

“Scullery combines my love for retail, design, kitchen items and travel, as well as hand-picked estate pieces,” Henschel said. “It has been well-received, drawing customers we have come to know well and customers we have known for a while.”

Henschel also touted the fact that Artisan Alley stays busy with the every-Friday-evening Farmers Market and special events throughout the year, all of which feeds business into Scullery Kitchen Provisions.

According to its website, the store carries local goods and unique items from around the globe.

“Designed for those who love to shop, cook and entertain, Scullery KP is your destination for beautiful pottery, jams and jellies, food, dishes, flatware, kitchen towels and aprons, barware and cocktail provisions, and more,” the website says. “Get inspired by new finds or classic estate china, select that perfect gift, or add just the right touch to your next gathering.”

Scullery carries local food items from Volusia County, including a selection of relishes, salsas and barbecue sauces from Old Florida Farms in DeLeon Springs. But the mix of merchandise also includes imported food items, as well as tabletop items and décor.

Henschel said he will continue to operate Scullery until a buyer is found, however long that takes.

“There’s no time frame,” he said. “We will stay open until it’s sold. It’s not at risk of closing, no.”

Anyone interested in possibly buying the business should call the store at 386-748-5161 or email SculleryKP@gmail.com.


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