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From the publisher:

Courage. Stamina. Creativity. Resilience.

We’re seeing these in plentiful supply, as our community navigates the turbulent seas of controlling COVID-19.

Add in some sacrifice, too. Plenty of it.

Property manager and Realtor Solomon Greene has notified his Downtown DeLand commercial tenants that rent for the month of April will be $1. That’s it. $1 for the month.

BakeChop restaurant can’t stay open under the current rules, so the staff is making grab-and-go box meals to sell from a local retail store.

DeLand restaurants and bars have set up a GoFundMe account to generate critical support for their employees who are suddenly out of work: https://bit.ly/2xbLxev.

West Volusia businesses are suffering, but they’re working to cope, and The Beacon is no exception.

As of March 24, to reduce our expenses, we will cancel our Midweek edition, which local subscribers receive on Tuesdays. We’ll be a once-a-week paper, again, for as long as we must be.

While that weekly edition may be more robust, you’ll notice a few features missing, at least for a while. Some of them will move to our website, where we’ve been updating COVID-19 coverage constantly.

In addition to scrambling to keep you informed, we’re scrambling to devise advertising solutions that can help local businesses at this time and still earn our local newspaper the support it needs.

Subscribers may request extensions of their subscription terms as a result of this change. Please call us at 386-734-4622 or email circulation@beacononlinenews.com to request an extension. And, frankly, if you can ride out this storm with us and stick with your original subscription term, we would really appreciate that right now.

What you will not see missing from The Beacon is our commitment to keeping our community well-informed. We also remain committed to keeping our business neighbors connected to customers. All local businesses need your support now.

We expect rough seas for a time, but we also expect that when we reach the end of the COVID-19 crisis — and it will end — our community will emerge stronger and more united, equipped with new skills and methods we had to learn.

We’re here for you. And we plan to be here for a long, long time.

— Barb Shepherd


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