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West Volusia volunteers for Healthy Souls International will be set up 5-7 p.m. today to collect donations of food for residents in need who can’t leave their homes.

Healthy Souls International, a charity based in South Daytona, is collecting donations and making deliveries countywide.

A truck will be set up this evening, April 21, in the parking lot along International Speedway Boulevard in DeLand, in front of Tractor Supply and Big Lots, which are at 101 and 131 E. International Speedway Blvd.

DeLeon Springs farmer Jeff Brower and his wife, Terri, will be on hand to accept donations and transport them to the charity’s South Daytona warehouse. There, Jeff Brower said, the groceries will be combined with other donations and packaged into food boxes for delivery to seniors, people with health conditions, and others who cannot leave home to get supplies.

As of April 20, Jeff Brower said, 21 households in West Volusia, from DeLand to DeBary, had requested help with food.

The Browers are coordinating efforts on the west side of the county, and also supplementing the nonperishable items with food grown on their farm.

Anyone wishing to donate to the effort may pull into the parking lot, and groceries will be unloaded from their vehicles into the truck.

“No need to even get out of your vehicle,” Jeff Brower said. “We will unload it and take it back to headquarters, where all packaging is sanitized before packing for delivery.”

Especially needed, Jeff Brower said, are canned tuna and chicken, along with rice, pasta and beans.

“Think easy meals,” he said.

The supplies collected today will be delivered Thursday, April 23.

Donations of gas cards, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and anti-bacterial soap are also appreciated for the Healthy Souls volunteers doing the deliveries, Jeff Brower said.

Those who cannot bring food for donation, he added, are invited to donate money to the cause via Health Souls International’s website at https://healthysoulsinternational.org/.


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