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This time, government worked as it should

Editor, The Beacon:

On May 19, just before lunchtime at the Volusia County Council meeting, the future of DeLeon Springs changed — in an instance, when the County Council approved a plan for a sewage system to serve the community and its commercial corridor.

Every County Council member paid attention to Volusia County Utilities Director Michael Ulrich’s outstanding presentation, outlining the need to protect DeLeon Springs, the drinking-water supply, our kids at the school, and our business community.

When we members of the DeLeon Springs Community Association got up to speak for our three minutes, every council member looked us in the eye, listened, and showed they cared about this little neglected jewel. With their unanimous vote to approve “Item 10,” the County Council backed it up with action.

Coming home to this community to tell them the good news was one of the best things I’ve ever been part of. This was the finest of government in action, to see the state, county and local community work in tandem to do what is right to protect the Florida we love.

So often we hear people deride “government,” as though it’s some soulless behemoth, and at times, it can seem that way. But, this time, it was people who were in positions with abilities to effect positive change, who committed time, energy and money to protect a spring and a community, now and for future generations.

This time, people — yes, government — acted on something greater than ourselves. This was a shining moment we can all feel good about, and our descendants will benefit from, long after we are gone.

Words can’t express our gratitude to Mike Ulrich for his dedication and talented ability to pull together the right departments, the right people, and the funding sources to make this dream a reality for our community.

Special thanks to Council Member Deb Denys for reaching out to a tiny community and for caring about us the way she proved she does.

And we are grateful to the entire Volusia County Council for listening to us, serving even little DeLeon Springs, and allowing us to have the bright future this little treasure of a community deserves. Smile.

Amy K. Munizzi

DeLeon Springs

— Munizzi is a founder and now president of the DeLeon Springs Community Association.


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