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A new assisted living facility is getting ready to open in DeLeon Springs.

Freedom Oaks Assisted Living at 579 Johnson Lake Road is accepting its first three clients July 1, said David Anderson, the facility’s marketing director.

“We are a 10-bed ALF, and we’re trying to cater to veterans and other senior citizens,” Anderson said.

Freedom Oaks held a ribbon-cutting June 11 with the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce & Orange City Alliance.

The facility is owned by Port Orange-based Absolute Health Professionals Inc., of which Anderson’s mother, Suzanne Anderson, is president, and his sister, Jennifer Anderson, is vice president, according to corporate records filed with the state.

Freedom Oaks has nine private rooms and one double room, which could be taken by a couple or two clients willing to share a bedroom, Anderson said.

The low number of rooms will allow for a better aide-to-resident ratio, ensuring the facility will be able to accommodate any resident’s needs, a promotional brochure says.

The brochure notes that Freedom Oaks offers clients a “holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle” to help clients feel more at home. It also offers organic meals for residents who request them.

The brochure mentions “Serene waterfront views, [which] helps calm the mind of wandering thoughts,” making Freedom Oaks a “very tranquil environment to be in.”

Freedom Oaks appears to live up to that idyllic setting. The facility is a completely renovated home that sits on a 13-acre lot fronting Lake Odom. The whole interior has been upgraded, including an entirely new kitchen, and a deck has been installed beside a backyard swimming pool, David Anderson said.

Colleen Kurczi, secretary of the DeLeon Springs Community Association, was impressed with what she saw while at the ribbon-cutting event.

“The association is really excited about this beautiful facility opening in our community and supporting the lives of the people who will be living there,” said Kurczi, a Realtor with Cardinal Row Real Estate in DeLand. “The DeLeon Springs Community Association is grateful some of our veterans can live in our community and enjoy the rural atmosphere that we all enjoy.”

Since it’s not yet officially open, Freedom Oaks has had no issues with COVID-19. And Anderson doesn’t anticipate any in the future.

“We’re fully stocked with masks and gloves, and gallons of disinfectant,” he said.

Get more information by calling 386-767-5556, or email freedomoaks@gmx.


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