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The Deltona City Commission has tentatively set the annual charges for certain public services not included in the standard property taxes paid by owners of homes and businesses.

The commission June 15 adopted preliminary fees for stormwater and solid-waste collection and disposal. The fees are in effect citywide.

Two other types of assessments — one for streetlighting and the other for aquatic weed control in Lake McGarity — apply in particular areas or neighborhoods.

Barring a sudden change on the part of the City Commission, the stormwater charge will remain at $128 per standard home or equivalent.

Owners of commercial properties may be charged more, based on square footage.

Deltona’s yearly charge for picking up household garbage and yard waste will be $202.80. The city contracts with Waste Pro for the collection and disposal of solid waste.

The charges for streetlighting vary. Deltona has 38 streetlight districts, whose annual assessments range between $15.56 to $137.78.

Owners of property fronting on Lake McGarity will be charged $134.15 during the 2020-21 fiscal year to keep the lake clear of nuisance weeds.

The City Commission will take final action on Deltona’s assessments at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 20, at City Hall, 2345 Providence Blvd.

There will be a public hearing on each of the proposed assessments before the commission takes a final vote on each charge.

The public is welcome to attend the meeting and to address the commission on the topic.

Once the assessments are set, the amounts will appear on Deltona residents’ TRIM notices.

TRIM is an acronym for Truth in Millage, meaning the preliminary tax notices usually sent in August.

The charges will also appear on the property-tax bills that will be mailed to each property owner at the end of October.

The assessments must be paid in full in conjunction with the payment of ad valorem taxes.


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