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On orders from the state, schools will reopen in the fall with a “full panoply of services.”

Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education Richard Corcoran signed the executive order July 6.

“Upon reopening in August, all school boards and charter-school governing boards must open brick and mortar schools at least five days per week for all students,” the order reads.

The order allows for flexibility with local school districts on their reopening plans, but requires that a plan be submitted to the state.

Volusia County Schools had already planned to reopen schools in August, but has not yet finalized its reopening plan.

The matter has been complicated for the district by the illness of top administrator Superintendent Dr. Scott Fritz, who was diagnosed with cancer in May and is currently taking time off for treatment and recovery. Fritz was appointed in November 2019 and is still in his first year on the job.

During an emergency virtual meeting July 7, the Volusia County School Board unanimously appointed Dr. Carmen Balgobin as interim superintendent “… through August 28, 2020, or until such time Dr. Fritz is able to return to his role as Superintendent.”

The School Board also voted for Fritz to use accrued sick leave, rather than emergency leave pay, during his treatment and recovery.

Balgobin was hired in January 2020 by Fritz as the deputy superintendent of teaching and learning, and so is relatively new to the district.

The School Board plans another emergency virtual meeting Wednesday, July 15, to review the reopening plan and discuss funding from the CARES AcT.


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