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Editor, The Beacon:

The John Dutton House has been sitting unused since my parents and I moved here. Nobody has been seen at the site, even though new signs pop up. It’s practically empty.

I have been concerned why it hasn’t been fixed up and got a purpose. My mom and I have been talking about this mansion of a house while we finished our walk, because we saw it and I was concerned.

The walk happened on the same day I wrote this letter. When my mom researched (once we got home), the only purpose why it was there is that it was built a long time ago. And that is not a great purpose.

I know that I’m only 7 years old, but I know that one person can create a thousand actions.

The mansion is sitting empty right now, and broken. The walls are torn, and you can actually see the beams that hold the roof.

Also, the staircases are worn, and the floorboards are creaky. The first thing I would do is fix and clean it up.

You know, there are a million things it could become. For example: a homeless shelter or hotel. (An airport would be way too much.) You decide. Thank you for listening to this message.

Freja R. Gray




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