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There have been some rumors swirling that the City of DeLand mask ordinance expired after Volusia County approved their resolution on Tuesday. We put this statement out on our social media this morning to clarify things for our residents. Please feel free to pass it along:

We appreciate the Volusia County Council for acknowledging this week the effectiveness of face coverings to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and the threat the virus poses to the welfare of our community.

The City’s ordinance passed in early July provided that it would expire immediately if “the County of Volusia issues a uniform, county-wide, ordinance, resolution or other order regulating face coverings.” The resolution approved by Volusia County urges the use of face coverings, but very specifically does NOT require the wearing of nor in any way regulate face coverings. Accordingly, the City of DeLand mask ordinance remains in full force and effect.

We are encouraged by the number of residents and businesses who are taking Covid-19 seriously. Working together as a community we will be able to defeat this virus.

Wash Up. Back Up. Mask Up.

Stay healthy, DeLand.

City of DeLand Community Information Specialist Chris Graham



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