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 Editor, The Beacon:

Proud to be a long-term resident of Ormond by the Sea, along with my parents. We hold our community dear to our hearts.

Over the past few years, we have experienced a very noticeable increase in traffic, not only on A1A but also Granada Boulevard. 

We are so happy to endorse Jeff Brower for Volusia County chair. In the past, local officials have mostly turned a deaf ear to the voices of citizens. 

Jeff Brower has the knowledge and boundless energy and drive to represent the true concerns of the citizens of Volusia County.

Jeff loves this county as much as we do, and wants to improve and protect our resources for today and future generations. 

Smart development at this point isn’t so smart at all; it’s all of us locals who suffer from losing our quality of life that we so dearly cherish.

A vote for Jeff Brower is a win-win for every person in Volusia County.

Remember, once things are gone, bulldozed away, we can never get them back. Taking care of what we already have is much needed. Vote Plan B — Jeff Brower!

Diane Choquette

Ormond Beach


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