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Editor, The Beacon:

Choosing a candidate for any office is stressful, but this year, I have no doubts as to whom I will cast my vote for for County Council chair. Jeff Brower is our man!

Jeff is a good man with a huge heart. He is a great family man, an organic farmer, and he raises beef. Jeff lends a helping hand to friends and strangers alike. When called upon, Jeff and his family are first in line to help and organize.

Jeff has been keenly involved in wastewater management and the preservation of our waterways. Joining citizens in the fight to clean up our waterways, preserve our wetlands and to prevent overgrowth on our wetlands as well, Jeff has proved to be honest and trustworthy, and not afraid to tell us “no” when we are wrong.

I know Jeff and his lovely wife personally. They are a good Christian family raising their children to be good helpful citizens who volunteer to help their neighbors, and take care of their environment.

I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with Jeff Brower and his campaign to become our next County Council chair.

Jeff is highly knowledgeable about our area, the environment, our waterways, and we need a person who is reliable and trustworthy. Jeff will dedicate himself to this job, and our county will benefit from having Jeff as a truly honest leader.

Vote for Jeff Brower for County Council chair… I just did.

Janet Nutt

Ormond Beach



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