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Lost in America.

We are called the United States of America. Well, we used to be. Now as I have watched our country slowly decline into an abyss never experienced in modern time, I question, what does our country’s name actually mean?

This new territory is uncharted, and the division, rather than the unity, is running wild like a rabid animal. We have lost our compass. The current pandemic is taking on a human toll for a price we should never have had to pay.

This past celebration of our Independence Day was very difficult. It has always, among other things, reminded us of how 13 Colonies were able to put their differences aside for the common good of their country as America proudly became an independent nation. They stood united.

Where are we today? Certainly not united. Our leaders used to lead. They made us feel safe in that they had our best interests at hand. Now we have no such leadership.

Where we counted faithfully on science to protect us from diseases, we have politics trying to destroy the credibility of science (until a vaccine is found, right?).

When did we lose our common sense? When did we lose ourselves to the degree that we forgo caring for our fellow man?

Our history has proved that in times of shared tragedy or crises, we heard the bugle call and united for the sake of us all. Not for the serving of one but for our country. That was called patriotism.

We are long overdue to get back to what past generations fought for. Let’s take a moment and remember who we are supposed to be. The United States of America. That’s right — united.

The time is now. The country needs you! Unite, so we can once again be proud to say the United States of America!

— Valdimarsson lives in DeBary.


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