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A first responders blood drive Aug. 4 was a “huge success,” according to organizers. Three red blood donation buses outside of DeLand City Hall collected 66 pints of blood, estimated to help save some 198 lives.

The event was organized by the Junior Service League, and was made possible by a partnership with the City of DeLand and the blood donation center OneBlood.

“Thank you to the city of DeLand and the Junior Service League of DeLand for hosting one of the largest community blood drives,” Abby Richmond, the Junior Service League member who came up with the plan, said. “Thank you to OneBlood for their exceptional coordination.”

Some 78 people participated in the blood drive, and more than 60 made an appointment. The number of appointments to donate was the most OneBlood has seen in over six years, a spokesperson said.

The donations are used locally within 36 to 72 hours of donating, and one donation is estimated to help save three lives.


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