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Editor, The Beacon:

Judge Bryan Rendzio is a current circuit-court judge in our circuit, and he is facing opposition in his first election since taking the bench.

The undersigned attorneys write today in support of his candidacy.

Judge Rendzio is a good person, and a very fine and ethical attorney. He presides over cases with the utmost respect for the laws and constitution of the state of Florida and the United States.

One of the most impressive things about Judge Rendzio is that he left a successful private practice as a shareholder in a private law firm in order to serve our community on the bench.

He was appointed to the bench by Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2019 to fill a vacancy after the passing of Judge Clyde Wolfe.

The appointment came following a recommendation of the Judicial Nominating Commission, which first vetted dozens of qualified applicants.

In our opinion, Judge Rendzio is dedicated to the task, highly qualified, and deserves to stay on the bench.

Please consider honoring Judge Rendzio by voting for him to remain on the bench as a circuit judge.

Signed by Robert E. Doan, Mark A. Watts, Michael J. Woods, Kathy L. Crotty, John P. Ferguson and Scott W. Cichon


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