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It’s all in

With 125 of 125 precincts reporting in Volusia County, the complete unofficial results for all races are now in.

View the latest results from the Volusia County Department of Elections by clicking here, or results from the state elections office by clicking here.

The Beacon team is signing off for tonight, but check out the upcoming editions of The Beacon for more election information.

Two straggler precincts

As of 8:55 p.m. Tuesday, 123 of Volusia County’s 125 polling precincts had reported results.

According to elections officials, the two remaining precincts were delayed because of a power outage on the east side of the county.

Officials said the two delayed precincts should begin reporting results within 45 minutes.

Barnaby vs. Guzman in District 27

Webster Barnaby celebrates with members of his campaign team Tuesday, Aug. 18

With 39 of 39 precincts reporting, the winner of the Republican primary for state House District 27 appeared to be former Deltona City Commissioner Webster Barnaby.

“We’re very, very grateful. I’m honored for the opportunity to represent the Republican Party as their candidate for the House District 27,” he said. “I want to congratulate my opponents who fought a spirited race and that have prepared me now to face my Democratic opponent. I look forward to representing the Republican Party for the November general election.”

On the Democratic side, Dolores Guzman, who currently sits on the West Volusia Hospital Authority board, ran unopposed for her party’s nomination.

The two will face off during the Nov. 3 general election.

Will Roberts leads in tax collector race

With 123 of 125 precincts reporting, Will Roberts holds a significant lead over David Santiago in the race for tax collector, a new position that will oversee the transfer of tax collection from the Volusia County Finance Department.

Roberts, a first-time political candidate, has 59.8 percent of the vote, or 55,754 votes out of 93,183. Santiago, a former member of the Florida House of Representatives who was term-limited out after eight years, currently has 40.2 percent of the vote.

Santiago said, “My only comment is the people have spoken, and I wish Will Roberts luck in his new position. We’ll have to certainly evaluate how the vote played out and where the numbers came from and then see what this community says. This is 2020, a very interesting year.”

“I am very pleased, relieved, and ready to get to work,” Roberts said.

Brower leads Denys in county chair race

CAMPAIGN STAFF — Volusia County Council Member Deb Denys watch the election results come in at Houligan’s bar and restaurant in Daytona Beach.

With all but four of Volusia County’s 125 precincts reporting, Jeff Brower, who led the candidates in the race for Volusia County chair with 44.7 percent of the vote, said he felt confident going forward to a November runoff.

“We feel good,” he said. “Sixty percent of the voters have just rejected Deb Denys’ program of overdevelopment, pay-to-play, and toilet-to-tap-water.”

Brower acknowledged that there was still a long road ahead, however.

“We’re going to celebrate tonight,” he said. “I’ve got my whole campaign staff here, and we’re going to sit down and plan what to do.”

On the other hand, County Council Member Deb Denys, who was in second with 40.4 percent of the vote, said the race was far from over.

“We knew it was going to be a tough campaign, but we are prepared to go on to November,” she said. “We’re going to be addressing the issues, and taking our case to the citizens.”

A third candidate, Gerard Witman, received 14.9 percent of the vote with 121 of 125 precincts reporting.

Sigman leads pack for state Senate District 9

With 50.5 percent of the vote districtwide and 55.3 percent of the vote in Volusia County, the apparent Democratic candidate for Florida state Senate District 9 is Patricia Sigman.

“Patricia Sigman is a fantastic candidate and a community leader in District 9. We are extremely excited to support her candidacy in the general election and fully expect her to defeat Jason Brodeur in November,” said her communications director Anders Croy.

Her campaign also released a statement via email.

“From day one, our campaign to unite for change has been about putting people first, not the powerful,” Sigman said. “For too long, decisions affecting working families in our state have been dictated by Tallahassee Republicans beholden to the special interests and insiders who fund their campaigns. That changes now.”

Sigman will face Brodeur in the Nov. 3 general election.

District 9 mainly covers Seminole County, but includes a small portion of southwestern Volusia County.

More results reported; Deltona set for runoff between Sosa and Storozuk

Jody Lee Storozuk with his campaign manager Michael Bowman.

As of 7:50 p.m. Tuesday, 121 of 125 of Volusia County’s voting precincts were reporting results. For several West Volusia races, all relevant precincts had already reported.

In the race for the District 6 seat on the Deltona City Commission, Julio David Sosa led the pack with 40.7 percent of the vote, while Jody Lee Storozuk also advanced to a November runoff election with 36.3 percent of ballots cast.

“I’m happy and looking forward to November. I like David; he’s a very nice guy. David’s kind of quiet and shy; I won’t be quiet and shy,” said Storozuk. “I can be a deeper and bigger voice for the residents of Deltona. The people of Deltona have been ignored long enough.”

In DeBary, in the contest for Seat 2 on the City Council, Jim Pappalardo and Darius Kelley will advance to a November runoff, with 45.1 and 33.8 percent of the vote, respectively.

Results coming in; 66 of 125 precincts reporting as of 7:20 p.m.

Results from about half of Volusia County’s voting precincts were reported on the Department of Elections website as of 7:20 Tuesday evening.

While the results were still up in the air for many races, in Lake Helen, whose lone precinct was among the ones reporting early, results in the four-way race for City Commission Zone 2 became clear.

Roxann Reid Goodman led the pack with 36.5 percent of the vote, while Roger Eckert came in second with 27.6 percent of ballots cast.

“I am super excited,” Goodman told The Beacon. “I am most excited to be running in the general election with Roger [Eckert]. I think this will be a very positive election, and we will be able to have open discussions.”

The two will advance to the November general election. The other two candidates in the race, Nancy Weary and J.T. “TI” Hargrove, received 24 and 12 percent of the vote, respectively.

In all, 768 votes were cast in Lake Helen, which has a population of just under 3,000.

Polls close

Voting in Tuesday’s primary election ended at 7 p.m., and initial results began coming in from the Volusia County Department of Elections shortly thereafter.

The initial results largely reflect vote-by-mail and early-voting ballots that were counted earlier.

Results from day-of voting at precincts across Volusia County are expected to roll in within the coming minutes.

To view live election results from the Volusia County Department of Elections, click here.

Supervisor of Elections: Minimal impact from storms

Some violent Tuesday-afternoon storms that ripped through northern DeLand didn’t affect voting in the day’s election in a big way, according to Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis.

Lewis said there were a few minor glitches caused by the storms in certain precincts but many precincts had generators.

She also said that most mail-in and early-voting ballots had already been counted before polls closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Mail-in voting up; early voting down

The number of voters who cast their ballot via mail in this Aug. 18 primary election has far exceeded the number who did so two years ago in the Aug. 28, 2018, primary election.

Some 66,159 voters had voted by mail as of Saturday, compared to 48,194 who did so in the previous election.

On the other hand, early-voting totals were down somewhat from two years ago.

This year, 10,327 cast their ballots early at one of the county’s regional libraries, Deltona City Hall, or the Department of Elections in DeLand. That’s down from 17,186 who did so in 2018.

For vote-by-mail, Democrats eclipsed Republicans 29,823 to 24,173, with 12,163 ballots cast from independents or members of other parties.

Conversely, when it came to early voting, some 5,224 Republicans cast ballots using this method, compared to 4,090 Democrats and 1,013 of other political persuasions.

The numbers are a reversal of 2018’s result, which saw more Republicans vote by mail and more Democrats vote early.

— Anthony DeFeo

Voters in Volusia County and across the state are casting ballots in today’s primary election.

Precincts around the county will be open for in-person voters until 7 p.m.

Results of the election will be available here shortly after 7 p.m.

The Beacon’s staff will be updating this story throughout the evening as results come in, complete with reactions from candidates and election officials.

Our coverage will begin around 6 p.m., so be sure to come back to this page then for the latest news!


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