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Did you know that a microchip is one of the most effective ways to ensure that a lost pet is successfully returned to its owner? 

No bigger than a grain of rice, a microchip is implanted just under the pet’s skin. It’s quick and painless. 

And, with the wave of a hand-held wand over the pet’s back, the ID code on the microchip will lead to the owner’s name and contact information and a happy reunion. 

The good news is that a total of 388 more animals were microchipped at a free event in Daytona Beach recently hosted by Volusia County Animal Services in conjunction with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In addition to the microchips, nearly 400 free bags of pet food were given out at the event to help pet owners who are financially pinched due to the COVID-19 pandemic and need some help. 

Another donation of about $10,500 worth of pet food from the ASPCA® was given away Aug. 9 at the Volusia County Fairgrounds in DeLand. Free microchipping also was offered out of Animal Services’ on-site mobile Pet Vet Cruiser. 

This is just one of the many programs that Volusia County Animal Services provides to our residents and their pets. 

It’s the county’s way of promoting responsible pet ownership and providing a helping hand during these difficult times. 

And while important year-round, microchipping is even more important now, because pets often get separated from their homes during tropical storms. 

For animal owners, microchipping your pet should be an essential part of any family hurricane-preparedness plan. 

I’m delighted the county is able to bring these services to our residents and pets in need. Volusia County Animal Services is a wonderful resource that provides spay and neuter surgeries, rabies vaccinations, and enforcement of state laws and county codes pertaining to animals. 

Animal Services is a vital part of our community. And they’re here to help. 

— Girtman is a member of the Volusia County Council, representing West Volusia District 1. 


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