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Herbert Bennett, a longtime member of the Pierson Town Council, died on Sept. 8.

Bennett was active in the Pierson community and served on the Pierson Town Council for 33 years.

“We have lost a valuable, faithful councilman that loved the community in which he lived and served,” Pierson Town Council Chairman Samuel G.S. Bennett said. “It was a privilege to work with him for those 33 years.”

Herbert Bennett and Samuel Bennett are not related.

Herbert Bennett’s daughter, Kristi Awad, agreed that her father was very involved in the small Northwest Volusia community.

“In Pierson, it’s a very large, close-knit community, and everyone gets along together and we all support each other,” she said. “Dad really took that to heart.”

His wife, Barbara Jean Bennett, said he was always a very positive person.

“He really enjoyed his life. He was a very happy person,” she said.

Bennett’s death results in the automatic election of a newcomer to the Pierson Town Council.

Bennett was the incumbent in the upcoming race for Town Council Seat 5 on the ballot in the Tuesday, Nov. 3, election. His opponent, Sergia Cardenas, is now running unopposed, so will be automatically elected.

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said mail-in ballots will include a notice that votes in the Pierson Town Council race will not be counted.

Funeral arrangements will be handled by Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home.


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