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Editor, The Beacon: 

I was nine weeks pregnant when I started bleeding. I went to the hospital, and was told the baby no longer had a heartbeat, and to go home to try and let my body do a natural miscarriage. 

It was the worst thing I had ever been through. 

Later, I went for a checkup with Dr. Hussain Rawji, and his staff did an ultrasound to see if the baby had passed naturally. It had not. 

Since I didn’t have anyone to drive me to the hospital right then, Dr. Rawji and I made plans for me to go to the emergency room the next morning. I went, and I told the hospital to call my doctor, because he had everything ready, and they didn’t need to do any ultrasounds or anything else because it had all been done the day before. 

At first the hospital staff didn’t want to call my doctor, because it was his day off. When they finally called Dr. Rawji, he came to the hospital. He said he had been awaiting my call. 

He said, “It’s my day off, but I’m not leaving your side.”’ 

Dr. Rawji stayed with me all the way until he was able to do the surgery 13 hours later. Not once did he leave the hospital. At any point that I needed to speak to him directly, he was right there. 

I want Dr. Rawji to be recognized as being an amazing OB doctor. He didn’t have to stay at that hospital; he could have said, well, just call me when an operating room is available, which he did not. He stayed with me to keep me calm because I have extreme anxiety. 

Twice during the long wait, I wanted to leave the hospital, but he stopped me and said, “I’m here with you. I’m going through this with you; you are not alone.” 

I had nobody at the hospital with me other than him. 

I’m crying as I write this because it’s very emotional for me. I’ve never had a doctor care so much that he didn’t even go home for his dinner plans with his family, which I felt so bad about. 

When I woke up after the surgery, he had a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for me. I had begged for a nice cup of coffee the entire time. And it was right there as soon as I opened my eyes. He didn’t forget. 

If there’s any doctor in DeLand who should be recognized in this time of what the world is going through, I would love for it to be Dr. Rawji. 

Nikki Yates 

Fort McCoy 


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