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Orange City residents and visitors: It’s time to show your city some love.

Orange City’s Mill Lake Park Continuum is one of three finalists left in the 7th annual “Great Places in Florida” award program hosted by the state’s chapter of the American Planning Association.

It is competing against Historic Downtown Stuart and Warm Mineral Springs Park in North Port for the 2020 title.

The “Great Places in Florida” award celebrates unique, memorable communities that work to build the social, economic, and environmental well-being of its residents through long-term initiatives and attract people to visit them.

This half-mile stroll through Orange City’s historic district, the heart of the city, is whatcaught the attention of statewide experts overseeing the award. The stroll begins with the rambunctiousness of toddlers at the Oak tree laden Evelyn Durant Robinson Playground, the glide of skateboards at Colin’s Dream skate park, the joy and laughter heard at the Splash Pad, the serenity of Mill Lake Park and the trails through woods or along the sidewalk, and ends at a restful gazebo surrounded by monarch butterflies perching on flowers.

Voting is open through Sept. 25 and can be done online at https://florida.planning.org/community-outreach/great-places-florida. The winner will be announced Oct. 5.


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