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Editor, The Beacon: 

I am beyond appalled at the unwavering support for Trump by folks whom he would not bother to even acknowledge were he not trying to be re-elected. 

I often ask these individuals to explain “what has he done to make your life better?” The answer always is: “I think he’s great, and that’s my opinion.” No factual basis, just pure emotional ignorance. 

He has turned back environmental protections. He has chosen and appointed Cabinet heads whose wish is to dismantle every department of which they were put in charge. 

He has allowed tax dollars to be given to religious schools (in violation of separation of church and state). 

He has mocked handicapped individuals. He has demeaned women. 

He has ridiculed veterans who have died and been imprisoned for this country. 

He has separated refugee children from their parents indefinitely. He sought and was granted protection under the Selective Service Act for “bone spurs” multiple times. 

He professes to his religious base that he is a Christian, yet has no history of any involvement throughout his life. He repeatedly lies about whatever he chooses to say and then lies about having said it, etc. etc. 

He has looked the other way while Russian hackers continue to interfere with our election. 

There is clear evidence for that, and yet these same “law-and-order folks” who support him refuse to acknowledge it. 

Soon if he is re-elected, we will be living in Russmerica and the “emotionally ignorant” will be wondering how it happened. 

And, he intends to end Social Security in his second term, yet seniors who depend on it for their supplemental income seem to have the same emotional ignorance that I mentioned above. What gives? 

However, his latest and most egregious (to date) lie was allowing more than 190,000 folks in our country to die because he willingly “downplayed” the severity of COVID, knowing of its deadliness, while thinking it amusing that it would be gone like “magic” — “puff,” as he was so eager to say. 

This is not how a leader behaves. There has not been one word of condolence to any of the COVID victims’ families throughout this entire time. 

I cannot believe how anyone could continue to support him. What is wrong with Americans who do this? 

Maria Dardano 

Orange City 


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