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Editor, The Beacon:

The Nov. 3 general election ballot is a crowded one, including two low-ballot offices for which there is little information on the candidates or the issues.

Following your review of their credentials and mission, we hope that you will support West Volusia Hospital Authority candidates Judy Craig (Group A, Seat 3) and Jennifer Lee Coen (Group B, Seat 1).

Jennifer’s skills are in business and money management, currently working with her husband in their auto transit company.

Judy, currently a member of the WVHA Board, is well-versed in the issues and policies of the Hospital Authority.

Judy and Jennifer are battling to prevent the defunding or abolition of the Authority, as has been proposed by a competing candidate coalition. 

The Authority is now the indispensable entity funding indigent medical costs and some of the service needs of the underserved Northwest and Southwest Volusia communities. To ensure public trust, they realize that there must be an emphasis on accountability and transparency.

More candidate background is available online at www.jen4WVHA.com and www.judycWVHA.com. 

We salute these volunteers who are willing to give their time and effort because they care for the essential needs of our community.

Lorna Jean Hagstrom

T. Wayne Bailey



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