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Editor, The Beacon:

This letter is directed to all the people wearing masks, and who think that the government should have the right to “order” me to wear one. The people who believe it is for “my own good” and to keep me “safe.”

Let me remind you of the Revolutionary War. Let me remind you of the soldiers who fought, died, caught diseases, froze to death, and did all this even though it would have been much safer to simply go home and not fight a war for freedom.

It is my absolute feeling that you “cowards” would have not fought in that war, and you would simply have allowed yourselves to be continually dictated to by England.

That is exactly what you are doing by allowing our corrupt government officials to do today. You people are living in the Dark Ages, just like when people were ordered as to what religion to believe in.

Our government can advise, ask, warn and suggest what they feel is a way to adequately defend ourselves against a disease. They should not, and do not have the right to usurp my freedoms and beliefs.

Again, you people are cowards and a disgrace to humanity and freedom. You will eventually lose all the freedoms for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I prefer to risk catching this disease, I prefer risking my life to this disease, rather than give up what all those dead soldiers fought for in the Revolutionary War.

Again, you people are “cowards” to give up freedoms without a fight. You are a disgrace.

Paul Stevenson



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