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Editor, The Beacon: 

Orange Man Bad is not an argument. That’s a rant. 

Americans elected President Trump for his policies, not oration. 

While all Americans have been affected by the pandemic, to claim that President Trump has not consoled families who lost relatives or friends to COVID-19 is untrue. 

Disappointingly, Biden and Pelosi called President Trump’s travel restrictions “xenophobic” or “racist” despite the restrictions’ effectiveness. 

Instead of cooperating with the president, Madam Speaker continues to obstruct passage of a second much-needed COVID relief bill. 

Overcoming obstruction, President Trump established the Affordable Clean Energy Rule that has improved Americans’ lives and our environment. 

These commonsense regulations protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases while also promoting energy independence, facilitating record economic growth, and creating more American jobs. 

President Trump continues to reduce bureaucratic red tape with the policy of eliminating two regulations for every new regulation created. 

Besides saving billions of tax dollars in compliance costs, his leadership re-energized the United States’ agricultural, energy and infrastructure sectors. 

This created more investment in American businesses and more American jobs. 

The false allegation the president disrespected soldiers and veterans is a thoroughly discredited story. 

Twenty-five named and on-the-record sources refuted this fairy tale. 

Despite the lack of merit, the dishonest Biden campaign runs an attack ad using this false allegation. Shameful. 

President Trump’s closest advisers have been and remain strong, articulate and highly respected women; undeniably, he respects women. Another false story debunked. 

Instead of experiencing more years of empty Democrat promises to fix a broken VA health care system like I did under Obama, the past three years I experienced a resurgent, effective VA health care system that is responsive to my needs. 

Veteran satisfaction rates are the best they have ever been for VA health care services. President Trump did that. 

Demean the disabled? More deceit. 

President Trump is a fighter for all Americans. Opponents who attack him know they will have the favor returned — disabled or not. 

President Trump’s administration provided more than $6.2 billion for critical health care resources, reduced prescription-drug prices, and made health care more affordable for all Americans. President Trump’s actions certainly speak louder than anything the Democrats misspeak. 

The Democrat Party platform proposes 90 pages of promises, including “free” college for millions of students, “forgiving” federal student loans for even millions more former students and graduates, and promises to provide universal health care for 330 million Americans and an estimated 20 million illegal aliens. 

Can Americans really afford $4 trillion or more dollars in new taxes and fees to pay for all this? Now? 

Other than ranting Orange Man Bad, have the Democrats done anything to earn your trust and your vote? 

President Trump made many promises and kept them. 

Despite a national pandemic and recent civil unrest in Democrat-led cities, President Trump’s policies have made life in the USA better for more Americans than at any time in our history. 

President Trump has earned my vote for another four years as our president. 

Robert Hoelscher 



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