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Editor, The Beacon:

Again, and again, I read (in The Beacon) the justification for voting for a bigot, a racist, a perverted marriage cheater, a failed businessman, a divider-in-chief who encourages people to hate and fight each other. Asking them to believe the more than 20,000 lies he has told. 

His punishing of the cities or states that did not vote for him, imprisoning children at the border and deliberately making efforts to not have ways to get them back to their parents. Tax breaks for the very rich, not any of the rest of the country. Lies about COVID-19, even though he knew the truth in February.

All this and more, because he has pushed judges to overturn Roe v. Wade. Abortion, abortion, abortion. And often with no understanding of what it is.

Such selfish evil ways to ruin democracy.

I am reminded of the screams that women would have to go to battle so we cannot have the Equal Rights Amendment, but now equality in the services means equal pay and it’s a done deal.

Reproductive rights are expected by all the women and men being born today. We will have abortion forever, legal or not, as women have done for thousands of years. We have better and safer methods today. We have safe birth control. But still the minority of wacky resisters will destroy a country to make women submit. No reproductive rights for you! As a woman, you must not be able to make a decision for yourself!

As always, these people often pay for their own daughters to have an abortion and call it something else, but they think it should not be legal and safe for others. Hypocrites all of them.

Same old story of self-righteous religious leaders and followers who demand followers vote for the guy who will stop abortion. More importantly, control women’s lives.

People, please, vote for the man who sees us as a united country, cares for all of us, and will not lie about COVID-19, climate change, wildfires, his own religious stance or play kissy-face with dictators. Vote for the man who is religiously faithful and knows how to get the economy working and people back to work safely.

Judith Southard



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