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Editor, The Beacon:

This thing with masks really gets me. It makes me feel totally disrespected as a person. Some people refuse to wear a face covering in public even though scientific experts say doing so could prevent the spread of a virus that preys especially on older people like me. 


These non-maskers think I am suddenly expendable? This is some pretty heavy stuff to grasp.

Dare I say that when the country’s leader tacitly advocates such arrogance in spite of all the contrary evidence, the word “genocide” arises. 

This supposedly wonderful country has acquiesced to the misdirection of a man who even some of his political allies have referred to as not qualified at best and dangerous at worst.

His verbalized plan would see another 70,000 deaths, but by then everyone will be exposed, he says, “problem solved.”

This has been debunked by experts who have calculated that if everyone was exposed, the deaths would range from 6 million to 8 million.

For many, old people are a pain. To the uncaring, white people who are uninformed and unwilling to empathize with people of color are a pain. Prisoners, of course, are the least likely group to draw any modicum of care, except to the people composing the lucrative industry operating the penal system. But don’t worry, there are thousands of protesters out there who can fill those virus-emptied prison slots.

Being one of those millions, one starts to feel a tinge of what the Jewish people must have started sensing in the early days of Nazism.

Oh, that could never happen here. When our leadership is guided by such friendly catchphrases as “you’re fired,” “lock ’em up” and “fake news,” it surely could.

Is “Let them die” the next rally cry?

John Boyle



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