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Editor, The Beacon:

President Trump is a brawler and a bully, and the only man in our lifetime with the grit to have stood this long against the hyenas that still circle him and the country.

Nov. 3, we’ll vote for America or for something else. That something else is unknowable, certainly to a befuddled Joe Biden or even his running mate. But what we can know is that it would be driven by vandals. What is worse, a lot of those vandals are elected and much loved by network and newsprint liars, and Biden’s academics cheerleading the book burners.

So we are about to make a civilizational decision. 

If we re-elect Trump, it at least buys some time for adults to make their arguments above the din of the pack animals.

If we get it wrong, the lights will dim. But you won’t want to see what follows anyway.

Brad Mason



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