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Editor, The Beacon:

On Nov. 10, the Volusia County Council will be asked to vote on an amended BPUD/Commercial rezoning effort (Cases CPA-20-004 and PUD-20-067) near the intersection of Doyle Road and Garfield Road. 

The attorney and representative(s) for the property seller, met with the Enterprise Preservation Society and got, through a complete lack of information and transparency, an approval to move forward.

Armed with this “approval,” Planning and Zoning approved the changes, 5-2. 

When myself, along with adjacent property owners, subsequently met with the EPS, they were somewhat taken aback by the information we presented … an existing 1998 BPUD, negotiated between adjacent property owners and the current owner of the property … an agreement which limited development not only by type of allowed business, but also the maximum footprint of the development.

That change was from a business usage with a maximum square footage of 35,000 square feet to an industrial/storage usage of more than 85,000 square feet, not including the fact that nearly the entire 11.6-plus acres would be completely blacktopped.

The adjacent and proximate property owners are adamantly opposed to such a radical shift and change in the existing BPUD, so that an out-of-state developer can come in and change the face of the area with such a project.

We call on all interested parties to speak to their County Council members to oppose such a radical change to the single-family and agricultural nature of the area.

If this type of action is approved, what’s next? Storage facilities and light industrial classifications don’t belong in areas such as this … the traffic, disruption to schoolchildren walking to and from Forest Lake Elementary and overall night lighting and noise are not in alignment with the existing residents of this area, nor are we willing to see our property values adversely affected by approval of such a major project near us.

This project must not be allowed to go forward!

Gary Burton



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