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There are so many things to say, and so many things that I wish I could do about the current state of our world. But, I am left with the reality and facts of not only the pandemic, but also the aftereffects of everyday living.

There are many people who are quite vocal with heavy hearts about their stressors and sadness due to isolation, loss of income, and many life-altering changes that exist. My heart cries out to those in need.

Through all of the challenges, I remain thankful. I am thankful for technology and the opportunity to connect with family and friends on demand. 

I am thankful for quality time and gradual starts to my day with hot tea and mind preparation for the day ahead — or, if it looks like it is going to be a hectic day, I am thankful for cream with a little coffee (I know that it should probably be the opposite). 

I am thankful for home-cooked meals whether large or small, especially for Taco Tuesdays even if it is on a Wednesday.

There is no real formality to 2020. People can wear makeup or not, wear shorts on a Zoom meeting, eat ice cream for lunch, put Christmas trees up for Halloween, and one can say “no” to attending events and have it not be frowned upon.

I am preparing for a gratitude overflow in the weeks to come. 

I am ready to receive and return all that is to come in the most positive ways. I am ready for the overwhelming smiles and uplifting social-media posts. 

I am looking forward to holiday cards in the mail. Thanksgiving Day is going to mean so much more for me this year, and for many of you. It will mean that we have come through at a time that many variables were working against us. 

For that, my friends, I am thankful and I am thankful for all of you!

— Dr. Primrose Cameron is a motivational speaker, empowerment coach and facilitator. Visit her website at www.primrosecameron.com


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