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Sunny days and mild temperatures are back, just as in springtime.

Another aspect of spring 2020 has returned, as well: shortages of household paper products.

Bare or nearly empty shelves in stores are clear evidence, as are purchase limits once again in place.

“Two weeks ago, we implemented customer purchase limits on paper towels and bath tissue due to much higher customer demand, and we, like all other retailers, are on allocation from our suppliers,” Publix Supermarkets Communications Director Maria Brous wrote in an email response to a query from The Beacon. “We continue to monitor other categories and adjust as necessary. As an aside, stores reserve the right to limit quantities as well to best serve their customers.”

A Thanksgiving Eve visit to Publix at 2431 S. Woodland Blvd. in DeLand confirmed a developing shortage of toilet tissue, with only a few packages left and signs with small letters advising shoppers of a two-item purchase limit.

The Beacon also found a limit on toilet paper at a Dollar Tree not far away. There, at 1700 S. Woodland Blvd., customers saw small signs informing them they may buy only four “units” — meaning rolls — at a time.

ON A ROLL — The shelves of this Dollar Tree store in DeLand show a drawdown by customers. Here, too, signs advise buyers they may purchase a maximum of four rolls of toilet tissue.

National networks and websites have also reported Americans are stockpiling toilet paper and paper towels, along with such items as canned meat and tuna, fearing another prolonged lockdown of the economy and orders to stay at home, as coronavirus cases spike.

Because of shortages and disruption of the supply stream, Brous said, Publix is advising customers to avoid panic-buying and to be mindful of the needs of others.

“In addition to the limits we have in place, we ask customers to shop only for the items they need. As we have continuously shared, the supply chain is resilient. We need to do our part and allow it an opportunity to rebound,” she said.

Brous said the amounts of paper goods on hand at each Publix store may vary, depending on deliveries and availability from suppliers.


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