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A line formed at the Volusia County Revenue Division office today, the final day to get the largest-possible discount of 4 percent on property taxes (the office at 123 W. Indiana Ave. in DeLand closes at 5 p.m.).

Property taxes aren’t overdue until April 1, but the biggest discount was available only through today. Property taxes postmarked by Nov. 30 are also eligible for 4 percent off.

So far during November, the county has logged payment of 198,577 real-estate tax bills, 41,316 tangible-property tax bills and 1,481 centrally assessed property-tax bills.

Centrally assessed properties include such entities as railroads and utilities.

Come Dec. 1, the early-payment discount drops to 3 percent, then to 2 percent in January and 1 percent in February. The taxes become due in March, and the unpaid taxes become delinquent April 1.


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