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Volusia County Schools will continue offering in-person instruction in the Traditional Classroom, as well as virtual options including Volusia Live and Volusia Online Learning for the spring semester, in keeping with the updated emergency order announced Monday by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The updated emergency order will include a provision requiring school districts to notify parents if their virtual student is struggling academically – a practice already in place at Volusia County Schools. Virtual students who are not making adequate academic progress would be returned to in-person instruction unless their parent affirmatively decides to continue their child in a virtual option.

VCS closely monitors students’ academic progress, and after a mid-term evaluation of grades, thousands of students returned to the Traditional Classroom option earlier this month. Currently, about 75% of VCS students are in the Traditional Classroom, 15% in Volusia Live (virtual, real-time, live streaming), and 10% in the Volusia Online Learning option (more flexible scheduling). Schools are working closely with families to provide interventions to help struggling students succeed.

VCS is closely monitoring progress to ensure all students will continue to progress academically and have the opportunity to acquire the necessary credits required for graduation.

— Volusia County Schools Community Information Specialist Cindi Lane


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