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Early visitors to the Volusia County Farm Bureau Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, Dec. 9, spotted a vendor flying a Nazi flag bearing a swastika above the fairgrounds.

People took to social media to post pictures and draw attention to the flag.

“This offends me as an American …” one poster said on Facebook, adding that they are a person of Jewish descent, as well.

The flag was removed later that morning after Farmer’s Market Manager Bill Hester learned of its existence and asked the vendor to take down the flag.

“I introduced myself and I asked him to remove it,” Hester said. “He said ‘Why?’ and I said “Because I said so.”

He said the vendor then removed the flag.

Hester has worked as manager of the Farmer’s Market for 40 years, and said he had never seen anyone flying a Nazi flag before this.

“We have rules, but nothing strictly saying anything about the Nazi flag,” he said. “We may have to look into that later if that happens again.”

The Volusia County Farm Bureau Farmer’s Market operates every Wednesday morning from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Volusia County Fairgrounds at 3050 E. New York Ave. in DeLand.


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