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I had the grand opportunity to engage in Shop Local Saturday Nov. 28. 

It was truly a treat to support local businesses throughout Downtown DeLand. There were many stores and restaurants I had not had the opportunity to engage with over the years, but with local recognition of this annual event, there were few doors left unopened. 

A definite “party in your mouth” location was Chicas Cuban Cafe located in the Artisan Downtown hotel at 215 S. Woodland Blvd. 

There were many great meals to choose from, but a must-have for me was the roast mojo pork with a side of fried yuca. The foodie in me could not let it go by. 

As I continued the day of engagement, I learned more about the beauty of the store Orchid Rain, at 137 N. Woodland Blvd., home to a colorful VW Bug (it fit through the door!) and many vintage and furniture items that are distinct. 

Deja Vu Furniture & Collectables at 101 N. Woodland Blvd. was another added treat. Its overflow of handmade jewelry and other very special items was definitely worth a look. 

Many familiar faces also greeted the public with smiles of engagement. One that can be seen throughout the year embracing diversity in our community is Christa Yates of Ms Preppy Pants Ladies Consignment Boutique, an upscale consignment shop at 106 S. Woodland Blvd. I always love my time there, even when it is just to say hello. 

What this reminds me is that people need people. Now more than ever, we must engage, support and connect with local businesses across our cities. 

Due to my time constraints, I know I didn’t get to stop everywhere I wanted to, such as Grace & Adorned Apparel, a boutique at 323 W. New York Ave., but it is on my list of must-sees. 

Even in this pandemic, we must remember how businesses are sustained and how families are taken care of during these challenging times. Shop local when you can. It will truly make a difference. 

Stay safe, stay positive, stay connected! 

—Dr. Primrose Cameron is a motivational speaker, empowerment coach and facilitator. Visit her website at www.primrosecameron.com. 


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